Energy Efficiency in Washing Machines

Are you worried about the high energy bills that are increasing your financial burden every month? To keep a tab on your electric expenses, you must check the energy efficiency of your washing machine. If you see an energy label on your residential appliance, you will get an idea of the energy consumed by the appliance.

If you use a washer with temperature controls, it could increase your energy consumption as using hot water can increase your energy consumption by over 90 percent. Top loading machines may be cheaper than the front loading model but they use more energy to complete the same tasks. This is because most front-loading washers come with a large tub that spins faster than the top loading washers. If the spin capacity of the machine is fast, it reduces the drying time. Another advantage of using front loading washers is that they require fewer amounts of detergents and washer. Also, using hot water instead of cold water can help in reducing energy consumption. When the water is hot, you require less energy to heat water, which reduces your electric bills. Energy consumption is also reduced if full batches are washed regularly. The type of detergent you use also has an impact on the energy consumed.

Another important aspect that affects the energy efficiency of the machine is its size. Today, washing machines are available in different sizes to cater to the varied needs of the user. You should get a machine that best suits your requirements. Do not buy a small washing machine just to reduce energy consumption. If you buy a small machine, you will have to use it more frequently, which will not only increase energy consumption but will also increase water and detergent use. Today, you don’t have to buy a small machine to reduce energy consumption. Residential appliances with advanced features and better technology are energy efficient, which help in cutting down energy bills.

Regular service of the machine can also help in reducing energy consumption, so your choice for appliance repair Pompano Beach should be wisely done. If the machine is not serviced regularly, lint can get accumulated at the bottom of the drum. This can increase the pressure on the motor that rotates the drum, which increases energy usage. To service the machine, it is best to get help from a washer technician. The washing machine repair technician can be extremely helpful to troubleshoot the problems with the machine. You could also get help from appliance repair technicians if you have mini refrigerator, microwave oven and tumble dryers in your home. Most appliance repair companies can send fridge repairman, oven repair technician, and dryer service technician to your place to service or repair these appliances.

It is important to buy a household appliance that is energy efficient but make sure you don’t end up paying a high price for it. As an intelligent buyer, you must be able to judge which machine fits your budget and offers all the features you expect from the machine. So, you must get all possible information of the house appliance you plan to buy. Also, when you buy an expensive washer, it should not outweigh the benefits of low electric bills.

Final Thoughts

Washers come in different features, size, color, and design and their price varies depending upon their features and capacity. Front loading washers are a bit expensive when compared to top loaders but they conserve water and are energy efficient. Modern washers come with energy rating on them, which allow the buyers to check the energy consumption of a particular brand or model. So, make sure you get all possible details of the product before making a purchase.